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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Network Design with internal and external BGP.

I have question about the Design. We have a 3 router design and our own AS. Every router has several EBGP Sessions to other ISP. So the router R1-R3 are not fully meshed. So I think i have to use Router Reflector on R2. Could anyone give some help in this case?



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Re: Network Design with internal and external BGP.

on R2 you would configure the ibgp sessions to r1 and r3 with route-reflector-client. you configure the router that is sending the updates to the clients, R2 since it'll need to send R1 updates to R3 and R3 updates to R1. clients do not know they are clients, they just receive updates.

it's a little confusing.

i think this should work.

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