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Registered: ‎08-30-2012

NetIron CES PREM - Multicast into different VLAN


I have a problem regarding setting multicast forcing into different VLAN than it comes into CES.

So, The situation is, that CES is used in a catv headend as a aggregator of all multicasts(multiple ports, multiple VLANs) and would like to ssend all the multicasts to one port/one VLAN towards one device (QAM modulator......that modulates multicasts into RF digital signal) and also not all multicasts(selectively chosen TV channels) on  some other ports and other VLANs (like for different hotels).

If possible, I would like to have a bit more detailed answer than just try XXX (but if nothing else, it would at least point me somwhere on as I am stuck right now)

From: sh ver

Boot     : Version 5.1.0T185

IronWare : Version 5.2.0cT183

Thanks in advance......

Best regards,

Ales Strazar

Optisis d.o.o.


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Re: NetIron CES PREM - Multicast into different VLAN

Hallo Ales, have you found some configuration for multicast routing? I want to configure multicast routing on our L3 switch turboiron24. I have configured it according to manual but the switch/router does not route the multicast traffic between vlan 10 and vlan 56 anyway. Multicast distribution does work in vlan 10 perfect and if I get video from vlan 10 to vlan 56 using http protocol and then redistribute again using multicast from other host in vlan 56, I can see the video in vlan 56 too (so IGMP snopping and multicast distribution in the vlan 56 is working correctly). Thank you for answer. Regards, Robert Wolf.

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