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Registered: ‎01-30-2015

NetIron CER 2000 IPv6 VRRP link local address

Dear community,


on my NetIron CER 2000 router with Firmware 5.6.0d, I try to configure VRRP for IPv6, like the technical documentation shows here:


However, when I configure the official virtual IP address in the IPv6 VRID area, I receive the following message:

"warning -  Address is not link-local. IPv6 VRRP specification requires configuring at least one virtual link-local address."


When I try to configure a link-local address on this interface, I receive the following message:

"error - must use local ip address defined on this interface"


When I look at the VRRP IPv6 information, I can see that it seems to work fine, one is master, the other one backup. Is it still necessary to configure an IPv6 link-local address manually, and if yes, how?


Thanks in advance

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