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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Needing to set up VLANS on my network - ICX6430-24P switches

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We recently purchased (6)  ICX6430-24P ethernet switches and had them installed along with a Fiber backbone on our campus from an outside contractor.  The contractor is gone now, and we need to set up 4 or 5 VLANS on our new network for content  filtering purposes.


 Is their a step by step tutorial or something that can walk me through how to porperly set up a VLAN and trunk the ports connecting my WAP's ?  We currently have no IT Staff...........So because I am the Maintenance Supervisor that acted as project manager for this project...............I have now been elected the IT Admin.


Could really use some help and resources to get things running smoothly before schol starts back up here on our campus.

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