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Need to upgrade- firmware for a fastiron 4802 - premium

Hi , I get one  fastiron 4802 - premium that i would like to see if  i can upgrade the firmware, i will use this for my bcne study , could someone point me to the rigth direction to get the files and the steps that i need to do.


Thank you 



FI4802-PREM#sh fl
Code Flash Type: AMD 29LV033C, Size: 64 * 65536 = 4194304, Unit: 4
Boot Flash Type: AMD 29LV040B, Size: 8 * 65536 = 524288
Compressed Pri Code size = 2950272, Version 07.6.05gT53 (b2r07605g.bin)
Compressed Sec Code size = 1925265, Version 07.6.05gT51 (b2s07605g.bin)
Maximum Code Image Size Supported: 7011840 (0x006afe00)
Boot Image size = 281376, Version 07.06.05 (m2b07605.bin)
INFO: empty config data in the primary area, try to read from backup
INFO: empty config data in the backup area also
Configuration Data Flash is empty.
Used Configuration Flash Size=0, Max Configuration Flash Size=262144.



FI4802-PREM#sh version
SW: Version 07.6.05gT53 Copyright (c) 1996-2004 Foundry Networks, Inc.
Compiled on Jun 08 2004 at 14:42:59 labeled as B2R07605g
(2950272 bytes) from Primary b2r07605g.bin
HW: Stackable FI4802-PREM, SYSIF version 21, Serial #: Non-exist
Serial #: CH35040463
2048 KB BRAM, JetCore ASIC IPC version 48, BIA version 00
32768 KB PRAM and 1M-Bit*1 CAM for IPC 0, version 1848
32768 KB PRAM and 1M-Bit*1 CAM for IPC 1, version 1848
466 MHz Power PC processor 750 (version 8/8302) 66 MHz bus
512 KB boot flash memory
16384 KB code flash memory
The system uptime is 15 minutes 6 seconds
The system : started=cold start


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