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Need help to implement wake on lan on VDX 6740



I'm trainee in a company and I need to implement Wake on LAN on the network.


We have in our network architecture as core network VDX 6740 with multiple VLANs (with different subnet for each VLAN) but I can ping PC which are in different subnets because we have inter-vlan routing and our network is like a simple LAN so.


I've spend several hours to find a great solution to make Wake on Lan to work but I'm a little lost with our actual configuration and the differents ways to make it work.


Then I've 2 simple questions that will maybe help me to understand easier on which commands I need to use:


 - Firstly  I saw that I can use ip directed-broadcast to allow broadcast on the VDX but also the possibility to use ip forward-protocol udp echo on the VLAN from where I will send magic packets.

Do I need to use the 2 commands ti make it works or only one of these two ?


- Secondly if I want to send my pagic packets to different subnets, do I need to use ip helper-address on each VLAN and specify the IP address of the VLAN where my WOL server is in ? I know that we have already ip DHCP relay in each VLAN but maybe it changes nothing for the functioning of WOL.


In any case I want to add ACL too to protect the network against smurf attacks if we enable broadcast regardless of which solution we will use, is it a good idea and is there other way to protect the network than using ACL ?


I've speciifically take a look at this post but I'm still not sure to which way to use to make WOL working:




PS : I hope you will understand my issue because I'm not native english

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Re: Need help to implement wake on lan on VDX 6740

Hello @Razerback


Welcome to the Community!

While we still encourage the Community to assist with your post, I wanted to let you know that I have passed your questions on to our TAC Engagement Team. They will be reaching out to you shortly to gather more information regarding your configuration, so we can get you routed to the correct group.

Once your case is closed, if appropriate, we will post the resolution to this thread to help others within the Community; or, if you'd prefer, please come back and post the resolution yourself.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help faciliate your case resolution.

You can find out more about the TAC Engaged Program by clicking on the image below.

Thank you!

Denise K.
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Re: Need help to implement wake on lan on VDX 6740

[ Edited ]

I did new tests and now the wake-on-lan works in the same VLAN.


To make WOL work across VLANs we just needed to add the following command ip-directed broadcast on each ve interface of each VLAN where we want enable WOL


Hope it will help other people that could have the same issue !

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