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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Hello all,

I please have the following topics/questions:

Is it possible, allowed and supported to run dynamic OSPF routing over NON-CCEP ports on a NI MLX configured with MCT?

The v5100 configuration manual tells me the following on page 824:

"In the current release, MCT switches must have complete routing information using static

routes for L3 forwarding."

I further found two missleading information on MCT failure scenario behaviour in the manual if ICL/CCP fails:

page 794:

2. Otherwise, the node with higher RBridge ID becomes Slave.

page 797:

If the client is reachable from both MCT nodes, the higher

RBridge Id becomes the Master.

Well, what is correct now?

And.... about the Master/Slave election on ICL/CCP failure:

The manual tells me that the Master/Slave election is done on a per MCT client basis:

"The Master/Slave negotiation is done per MCT client on the basis of RBridge Id and client

Local or Remote reachability."

Is this correct?

Or is the Master/Slave election (only) done for the whole switch at all?

How should a per client election work when ICL/CCP is broken and MCT only has the keepalive link on which only CRR but no CCP packets are exchanged?!?

Thank you for any kind help.



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