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Multi Chassis Trunking for VPLS/VLL

Today, Brocade announced its 5.3 release of software for the MLX, XMR, CER, and CES platforms.  One of the features I am most excited about is the extension of Multi Chassis Trunking, or MCT, over VPLS or VLL networks.

MCT is a key Brocade technology in the Brocade One architecture that helps organizations build scalable and resilient network infrastructures. MCT is an enhancement over the link aggregation standard, which allows multiple switches to appear as single logical switch connecting to another switch using a standard LAG. MCT is designed to achieve the desired active-active topology and efficient Layer 2 multipathing, while ensuring that the network scales effectively.

Now you can connect a customer edge device to an MCT, such as two MLX's, and then run it over a VPLS network.  This is ideal for inter-data center connectivity, or within a campus environment for extending across a backbone. One of the benefits of this is to simplify VM mobility and eliminate single point of failures.  For any customers looking to inter-connect multiple data centers and offer new cloud based services, such as disaster recovery, MCT can help you achieve that. In a metro network, MCT helps providers offer their customers enhanced end to end resiliency for business services.

MCT over VPLS.png

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