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Moved systme to other VLAN. Now utilization is all odd.

Some odd stuff happened yesterday.

We have a pair of FCX648S switches in a stack with 1 fiber port of each switch connected to another pair of same type with 1 fiber port in each of those as well. We have them connected via link-aggregate and it's been working fine for a while. On the second pair we had a bunch of systems in one vlan (vlan 1) that we moved to another VLAN (vlan 101). Since then some odd behavior has been seen. I'm not sure how to prove it based on the tracking we had, but is there any way to see if we're retransmitting more data now? Replication seems to actually be slower now that we're fully off the other VLAN which is the exact opposite of what I expected to see.


Is there some way to see if there's something wrong, particularly like retransmits or something else? This is the aggregate look. But if i watch the two ports outbound traffic I see them adding up to 1Gbps normally. These are the two ports on stack 1 that send data to stack 2:

CORE-1 Outbound.png

here are the two ports that receive the traffic from stack 1. They are very lopsided which is not normal:

SW-D Inbound.png

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