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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Monitoring linknets via 3rd party transit


I've been looking a method of tracking remote reachability between two routers (Brocade CER) which are connected by a linknet over a layer 2 circuit.   IP SLA would do this on other platforms, I've looked into layer 2 link monitoring, but not sure if this appropriate.  Ideally I'd like the specific ves / vlan's to block if the remote side becomes unreachable, as I can't guarantee the layer 2 circuit will detect the end to end failure.  Primary reason being to avoid potential blackholing.

Not sure of how this would be achieved in the Brocade universe.

Many Thanks


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Re: Monitoring linknets via 3rd party transit

Is UDLD the correct option for this?

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Re: Monitoring linknets via 3rd party transit

Agreed, it would be if we weren't passing the linknets over several vlans tagged over a 2 wire LAG.   Even though you can target the UDLD against a specific vlan and it passes the packet tagged, you can't have it affect anything other than the actual physical port, the result is it err-disables the associated physical ports when a failure occurs taking anything on that trunk with it, including vlans which could be working perfectly - a shame it can't target a ve interface.

The same appears to be true with 802.3ah EFM-OAM.

The only fix I can think of is to migrate each linknet onto discreet cabling carrying only the relevant vlan.

Unless I'm missing something ?

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