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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Mirroring a Lag in a stacked configuration


I need a support to configure an acl mirroring on a Lag that include ports from different modules in a ICX 6610-48P stack (08.0.20).


lag  X1 dynamic id 21

ports ethernet 1/3/1 ethernet 2/3/2

primary-port 1/3/1



lag X2 dynamic id 22

ports ethernet 1/3/2 ethernet 2/3/1

primary-port 2/3/1




SWITCH#show run interface e 2/3/1

interface ethernet 2/3/1

acl-mirror-port ethe 1/1/24

speed-duplex 10G-full


SWITCH#show run interface e 1/3/1

interface ethernet 1/3/1

acl-mirror-port ethe 1/1/24

speed-duplex 10G-full


I made this configuration, but seems that when it switch to the secondary port it doesn't work.

Since they are on a different modules, the secondary LAG port inherits the configuration of the primary for the acl mirroring?


Thanks in Advance




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