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Mirror Port Configuration

Hi All.  I'm trying to configure monitoring/mirroring on ICX7750 stacked, Version 08.0.30nT203.  My intent is to monitor all vlans and have that info sent to one mirror port.  So far I've tried the below with all the vlans but get error "Error: can't have more than 8 VLANs monitored."



conf t
mirror-port eth 1/1/34
vlan 6
monitor eth 1/1/34
vlan 22
monitor eth 1/1/34



Moreover, the mirror port is configured as a trunk.  I read that a trunk can't be used as a mirror port.  How would I be able to monitor all vlans and have it mirrored to a trunk port?  Thanks.



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Re: Mirror Port Configuration

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Unfortunately there is not a way to overcome these limitation on ICX platform.  These are all clearly documented in manual.


The mirror port cannot be a trunk port


NOTE: For devices other than the FastIron X Series, it is possible to configure more than eight egress ports, although only the first eight are operational. This is also true for mirrored VLANs - more than eight can be configured, but only the first eight are operational.


Hope this answers your queries




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