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Microsoft TMG 2010 + NLB routing / multiport ARP issue


actually I am having the exact issue as

I have two TMG2010 servers in an array, connected to one stack of ICX6450's running software 8.0.01. For NLB to work properly with NLB it needs static ARP entries, and it then needs a static mac for to both used ports.We currently have a Cisco 3750 running in that configuration running perfectly fine using a similar setup as per I want to replace that Cisco with a stacked pair of ICX650's. In Cisco you just create an ARP record to a mac adres, not to a port. In Brocade it seems I can only create a static arp when also defining a static physical port which is a bit of static arp-and-mac-in-one. A single port. For that reason TMG2010 does not work properly as traffic is only delivered to one of both TMG ports.

In the first thread it was mentioned a request was made for this. However that's quite old now, and I am running the latest software. Is there any way to get NLB running properly?

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