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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Merging of a McData6064 & Brocade5300


I want to merge a Mcdata6064( production) & Brocade5300 ( new Switch).

I have checked the following things:-

McData Firmware - 09.09.06 2

Brocade OS - FOS      v6.4.2a

Brocade 5300 ( No configuration is existing now)

switchType:     64.3
switchState:    Online
switchMode:     McDATA Fabric
switchRole:     Principal
DomainIDOffset: 0x60
switchDomain:   3
switchId:       fffc23
switchWwn:      10:00:00:05:33:46:cd:c5
zoning:         OFF
switchBeacon:   OFF
FC Router:      OFF
FC Router BB Fabric ID: 128
Address Mode:   0

is these information is compatible?

After merging which switch will be Principal switch?

Whether all active zones & defined zone will be replicated to Brocade switch?

After the merging from where i need to create the new zones if required?

Please anybody can answer these questions......

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Re: Merging of a McData6064 & Brocade5300

Hi rajesh.k,

     You have posted this question in the wrong forum sorry.  You will need to re post in the Datacentre SAN  at

     This forum is for Brocade Ethernet devices.



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Re: Merging of a McData6064 & Brocade5300

see this Wiki, here can you find some details about Interop-mode

keep in mind, if Brocade is set in IM, some command and features are not available, for details refer FOS Release Notes.

another restriction, some feature are migrated to DCFM / BNA and not longer available trough Web-Tools.

in such case if you are familiary with Brocade and McDATA i would use Command Line in order to create Zoning.

BTW. as Michael sayed you post in wrong Forum, i'll provide to move this Thread to correct Forum.


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