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Mac Authentication to Radius

I am not looking to assign vlans based on mac's, I am needing to simply do an on or off on the port.  My current configuration is a domain user and an AD server in the same vlan on the same switch (Fastiron WS648 - Version:05.0.00T7e5 (Fev2)).  Without mac-authentication configured for this port the user can login without any troubles.  At this point I have already created the mac user/pw on the NPS (Win2k8 Radius server). On the switch I have the following commands in global:

     mac-authentication enable

     mac-authentication auth-passwd-format xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
I have wireshark running on the AD server and when I enable mac-auth on the end-user PC port I never see any attempts hit the server.  Once enable here is how it shows on the switch:
     mac-authentication enable    
     mac-authentication auth-passwd-format xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
     interface ethernet 0/1/2
      mac-authentication enable

Is there anything I need to do on the server port?

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Re: Mac Authentication to Radius


You need a central Radius server like Linux FreeRadius or IAS on Microsoft server or any other one.

Enable MAC Auth globally on the switch first:

mac-authentication enable

then enable MAC Auth per Port:

mac-authentication enable

mac-authentication enable-dynamic-vlan

configure the radius server globally on the switch:

aaa authentication dot1x default radius

radius-server host <IP address> auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 default key 1 <Radius password> dot1x

The radius server needs to have

- the switch IP address configured as allowed client

- and needs to send back the following Radius attributes

Attribute name Type Value

Tunnel-Type 064 13 (decimal) – VLAN

Tunnel-Medium-Type 065 6 (decimal) – 802

Tunnel-Private-Group-ID 081

<vlan-name> (string) – either the name or the number of a VLAN

configured on the Brocade device.

Then it should work.

Hope this helps,


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