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MSTP config support on FGS624P

Dear Experts

Whether MSTP (multiple spanning tree config supports on FGS624P switch or not ?? My software version is SW: Version 02.6.00T7e1

i want to do a config as given below

mstp scope all

mstp name foundry

mstp revision 10

mstp instance 1 vlan 1 to 50

mstp instance 2 vlan 51 to 500

mstp start

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Re: MSTP config support on FGS624P

Hi Haris,

your firmware is fairly old and based on it's release notes, MSTP is not supported on that version. However if you upgrade to at least version 04000 it is noted in the release notes that 802.1s (MSTP) is supported. The latest firmware version is currently 7202. Also based on the FastIron configuration guide page 295, 296 for the latest firmware version, MSTP is default type of spanning tree protocol used and the commands you have mentioned above are supported.


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