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MRP through transit switch?


I have a possible MRP scenario and wanted to see if anyone has had any success with this. I've used FWS624s in an 8 switch ring with MRP and am comfortable with that setup. I have a potential setup with 2 sites with 2 FWS624s and 2 links between the sites and also an obvious intra-site switch link. One link would be a direct fiber connection from Site1-Switch1 to Site2-Switch1 however the other side of the link (Site1-Switch2 to Site2-Switch2) actually has a L2 transit through a Cisco 3750.

It's my understanding from the documentation that the master switch sends the heartbeats on the primary interface and if it doesn't receive on it's secondary interface that it will start forwarding. My question is if this would work in practice for this scenario. The vlans (in a topology group) would purely enter one SFP port on the 3750 and pass out another SFP port.

Thanks for any thoughts/information on this!

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Re: MRP through transit switch?

Not sure if you were able to figure out on how this works by now. I am in the midst of  checking with few folks who may have some good feedback to share for this MRP scenario. Shall update you when I get more info.


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Re: MRP through transit switch?

Were you able to get this working as expected?  I am in a scenario with two MLX-16's and I have a Cisco 6509 in between the two.  We are working on setting this up in a lab enviroment but didnt know if there was anything special done to get this working thru the Cisco.

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