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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Hi all.

I was wondering if anybody can share their experience with Brocade's metro-ring protocol and how it affects the spanning-tree topology of the rest of the network.

Our network looks (basically) like this. MRP is in red:


By the looks of our design, the person looking after the infrastructure before me decided to disable spanning tree on all VLANs, almost network wide. We've been the victim of several accidental loops lately so I'm motivated to sort this all out.

Basically we've now ended up with a bit of a mish-mash of spanning-tree types (802.1d & 802.1w) and root bridges at various locations throughout the network where it is running, and spanning-tree disabled entirely right down to the edge on other VLANs. As VLANs have been added there hasn't necessarily been a lot of thought put in to what's going where in terms of STP.

Being fairly new here, having no hand-over from the previous architect and having not worked with MRP before my confusion lies around really whether or not the MLXe's and TurboIrons should be running spanning-tree and where the root bridge would best lay in this scenario -- Taking MRP out of the picture entirely I would probably have the MLXe's as the root bridges and the TurboIron's as second priority. Putting MRP back in makes me wonder where the spanning-tree edge starts and stops as I know it groups together VLANs on the ring to replace STP.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to start with this and how things should look overall? Would 802.1w SSTP with the MLXe's as root be the best-practice approach here?

Thanks in advance.

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If anyone cares, in the end we ended up running 802.1w on the distribution switches and have them as the root for their segment of the network. They had STP on the ports facing the TurboIrons disabled so as not to cause issues elsewhere.

So far, this is working well.

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Working a similar case right now, 


Thanks for your inputs.

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