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MPLS on MLX up/down for no reason.

We have several MLXs that we use to make MPLS for our clients however we have in the logs losses for some MPLS links.
The type of message I have is this one:
MPLS: VLL [name_of_port] Peer [router_id] Waiting for VC Withdraw (VC ID 872) is down.

So we have these alerts but our customers do not notice any packet loss nor slowdown yet we in the MLXs logs a lot of MPLS link up / down.
We are in version 5.8 and I can not find explanations regarding this problem.
Has anyone among you ever encountered this problem?
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Re: MPLS on MLX up/down for no reason.

Hi Mathieu,


There isn't a known issue with code 5.8 on MLX that could cause this behavior. There is Defect 578904 but it is specific to CER/CES platforms


If this is a reoccurring issue, you may want to check if the flapping happens at certain times or Randomly. You may also want to check interface errors and CPU utilization during the flaps.


With this Data you could get to the bottom of the issue, or raise a case with Brocade TAC to assist you further.


Another option is to try and increase LDP Hold timeout vlaue and see if it alleviate the issue.




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