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Hi together,

just a theoretical question:

What happen in the access-switches in a MPLS enviroment if i configure the same VLAN on - lets say in about 6 locations - and bring them together with one VPLS instance and i would deactivate VPLS-BPDU Filtering?

Normally each Switch becomes with R-PVST 5 BPDUs from the other switches - compared it is like in the old times you connect 6 switches together with a hub.

What does STP do on the access-machines? Reading and Switchover with every incoming BDPU the local STP Process??

What is the solution if i have a crosslink between two Access-Switches and i also would connect them to the HUB? In my eyes the VPLS acts like a Hub 'cos it has no STP instance running to controll the processes of the access-switches. So are there any MPLS-TE possibilities to get that running?

By default - VPLS drops BPDU and Loops all Packets until 100% of the link or CPU :-)

Thanks in advance

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wow 2 years later and I am working on this. 


so we have the ethernet interfaces tagged on the vpls vlan.    the mlx drops the bpdu's at the ethernet interface.    this caused a bunch of spaning tree islands and allowed loops.     deactivating VPLS-BPDU Filtering fixed the local loop but then broke everything. 


I am hoping that you found a solution and are still around to talk about it.

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