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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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MPLS VPLS/VLL range of vlans

Is it possible to configure an MLX to accept all tags on a port into a VPLS/VLL without having to configure each individual vlan?

For example:

router mpls

vpls Customer_X 104



  vlan 3800

   tagged ethe 2/13

vlan 3801

  tagged ethe 2/13

This is quite cumbersome when a customer (or when we ourselves) want many vlans on a VPLS.

In Juniper, it is possible to do something like:

set interfaces xe-0/2/0 unit 0 encapsulation vlan-vpls

set interfaces xe-0/2/0 unit 0 vlan-id-range 200-4000

In this way, with only two configuration statements, you have added all the vlans to the VPLS.

Is there something similar in Brocade? Perhaps in a future release? (currently on 05200 )

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Re: MPLS VPLS/VLL range of vlans

any updates on this treat i am looking to do something similar to this  

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Re: MPLS VPLS/VLL range of vlans

If you don't specity a vlan it should preserve the vlan tags you attach.


vll bob 10

untag e 1/1

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