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MLXe interface management - one mac address per chassis ?!?


I have stumbled upon a limitation that I can't seem to find any workaround for. I have the following setup per-pop :

MLXe ========== FCS stack (2 members) =========== Management interfaces of devices (switchs, PDUs, firewalls, etc.)

I created a managment VRF that spans multiple POPs, each has it's IP private space.

A Vlan (on the MLXe) is binded to a VRF, the VLAN is trunked down to a stack of switchs (using a LAG) in order to aggregate cabling.

Problem I have is the following :

I can't use the dedicated managment interface on the MLX MR2 modules because the chassis only has one mac-address.

So, when I plug in the cable to the aggregation switchs, mac-address is not learned from that port but rather from the LAG. Otherwise, I would create a nice L2 loop ;-)

This on the MLX :

Ethernetmgmt1 is down, line protocol is down

  STP Root Guard is disabled, STP BPDU Guard is disabled

  Hardware is Ethernet, address is 0024.38a5.7b00 (bia 0024.38a5.7b00)

This is on the FCS stack switchs :

telnet@ag01-par01#sh mac-address

Total active entries from all ports = 35

MAC-Address     Port           Type          Index  VLAN


0024.38a4.fb00  1/1/1*2/1/1    Dynamic       28312  100

N.B : e1/1/1 and 2/1/1 are the ports used to create uplink LAG to the MLX router / VLAN100 is the managment VLAN bounded to the management VRF.

For operational needs, I would really like to use the dedicated management interface on the MLX routers (authentication, supervision/monitoring, etc.).

Sadly, there is nothing you can do on that interface except change the IP address :-/

Has anyone faced this before ? Any workaround you can think of ?



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Posts: 131
Registered: ‎07-02-2012

Re: MLXe interface management - one mac address per chassis ?!?


Quick follow-up, solution was obvious and I didn't see it

Instead of focusing on the dedicated management interface, just have to use the VE for that VLAN on the router.

Solution was given here :



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