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MLXe SNMP Polling for CPU/Memory

I am trying to SNMP poll for CPU and Memory for MLXe IronWare Version V5.2.0cT163.

Most of the CPU table is deprecated. Is there any OID that works for CPU and Memory.

The OID I have tried are:




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Re: MLXe SNMP Polling for CPU/Memory

I know this is an old question, but it comes up on searches.

on the MLXe series, running 5.4d or 5.5c, the following oid does the cpus for the line cards (at least the 8x10G cards)  (where X = slot number, and Y = 1, 5, 60, or 300 ... same levels as 'show cpu lp')

Also, one higher than the slot number is the management cpu, aka, 5 on an mlxe-4 and 17 on a mlxe-16.

Oh, and divide by 100 for a sane number, like 15.42% instead of the returned value of 1542

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