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MLXe CAM warnings for dual-stack BGP router

Hi all, we have a number of MLXe's with MR2-X management and -X line cards.  I'm currently running the multi-service-4 cam profile and have ip-cache and ip-route set to 1048576.


It appears IPv6 adoption has finally gotten us to the point where internet BGP routers are seeing enough v6 routes to create a problem:


Aug 31 11:51:10:A:CAM IPv6 partition warning: total 32768 (reserved 0), free 1602, slot 3, ppcr 1


I'm seeing between 30988 and 31101 advertisements from providers I peer with, so we're very close:


[IPV6] 32768(size), 1589(free), 095.15%(used)


I'm curious if, in later software builds, there is any way to increase the IPv6 CAM allocation independent of changing to the ipv4-ipv6-2 profile?  I have a management VRF defined on the routers, and, at least in year 2014, ipv4-ipv6-2 breaks that since it allocates zero space to IPv4 VPN which a VRF draws from.





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Re: MLXe CAM warnings for dual-stack BGP router



It should be possible to increase the allocation to the items you specifically want to increase, for instance to increase ipv6-route and ipv6-cache (both should be increased)


MLX(config)# system-max ipv6-route 65535

MLX(config)# system-max ipv6-cache 65535


This will require a reload to change values after completing a wr mem


The configured values can be confirmed by using command show default values


hope this helps




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