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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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I'm trying to upgrade software on an out of the box MLXe-32 with MR2 modules.  I can login the MR2 module's serial port and setup SSH on the management Ethernet port.  Using my laptop directly connect to the MR2's management Ethernet port I can login to the MR2 via SSH.  When I try to upgrade code via "copy TFTP.......", the tftp session times out.


I've used this very same procedure successfully on the older MR modules.


I've scoured through numerous installation/upgrade guides which don't offer anything else I need to do.  Is there additional setup I need to do on the MR2 module, or does the TFTP process no longer work?



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Re: MLXe-32 MR2 TFTP

TFTP does work.


try using TFTPD32 as your TFTP client...


at what file is TFTP timing out at?

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