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MLX port local fault

Hello all.

Has anybody seen the following error log message on a NI MLX:

Aug 25 03:10:19:I:SYSTEM: port 7/2 is down(local fault
Aug 25 03:10:19:I:System: Interface ethernet 7/2, state down - local fault

I received this on a 10G XFP-SR port and remote switch set the interface into error-disable because of link-flapping.

What is a local fault?

Defective XFP?

Defective linecard?

Software issue?

Hopefully anybody has seen this and resolved this in his network?!

Thank you,


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Re: MLX port local fault

Hi Karl,

     Have a look at the port stats - see if there are any CRC errors and the like.  If that is clean then check the LP.

To check the LP;

     rconsole <slot number>


     show link-fault-signaling

     show interface

     Dm port 1/1 (Do it 3 times )

     Dm link 1/1 (Do it 3 times )

     Dm fap show stat all (Do it 3 times )



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