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Registered: ‎09-23-2013

MIB Files for a Brocade ICX 66xx Switch needed.


I have tried to do some SNMP (v2) queries on a Brocade ICX 66xx Model Switch, trying to get values for MCT Cluster ICL SNMP OIDs.

It seems that we need the MIB files for this, or would it even work without using those?

Or maybe snmpv3 is needed for doing this?

Trying to grep for OID in a full snmpwalk output I receive no result for this OID.

Seems those OIDs are not enabled on the device or just do not get submitted.

Is there anything special I have to enable on the device (like SNMP for MCT/ICL?) or do they have to be stored on the query host in any case?

All old links we found i.e. in this forum are broken or out of currency.

Any other ideas we like to know as well.

Best regards,

Ronny Forberger

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Re: MIB Files for a Brocade ICX 66xx Switch needed.

Hi Ronny,

     No sure if you have looked at the MIB referance guide ("Unified IP MIB Reference" is what the file is called and can be download from the downloads section), but a quick look and I think you need the below

OID and  OID



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