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MCT vs Long distance stacking with ICX-7750 switches

Consider the following setup:
2 ICX-7750 stacked via a 40GB 600 foot fiber, using a port on each 7750 a dynamic LAG is
is connected to a cisco layer 2 edge switch also configured with a dynamic LAG.
Can this setup work as a layer 3 core network, for example create a VE interface on one
7750 say, another VE interface on the other 7750 say put the LAG
in this vlan and create a virtual IP address using VRRP or VRRP-E.
I think this would not be possible because you would not be permitted to configure
2 VE interfaces in the same network in the stack which is in reality one switch.
Can someone clarify this because there is some confusion between using MCT or long distance
stacking with ICX-7750 switches, is long distance satcking only
used at layer 2 and as a bonus getting rid of spanning tree?

Thanks in advance


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