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MAC Authentication and 802.1x on same port

Hi all,

I am working with Aruba's ClearPass RADIUS server and am trying to configure Brocade switches to do the following:

- Authenticate both by MAC authentication as well as 802.1x

- If a device fails MAC-auth, then fall back to 802.1x (or vice versa)

I have followed Chapter 45 of the 7400a FastIron Config Guide and notice two VSAs that are required for this.  They are as follows in the config guide:

Foundry-802_1x-enable - attribute id 6

Foundry-802_1x-valid - attribute id 7

In Aruba's RADIUS dictionary for Foundry, I have the IDs match up but the values are different:

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 9.12.41 AM.png

Does this matter???

Also, can someone send over an example CLI stub config for all of this?


Seth Fiermonti - former Foundry/Brocade SE!!

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