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Lost connectivity after FW upgrade

Hi all,


I managed to upgrade our FCX stack firmware from 07202e to 07400e.


I upgraded to bootrom : OK

I upgraded the second firmware slot : OK

I rebooted the second firmware slot : OK 


However, after the reboot, despite all connected ports were seen up and formwarding, I lost connectivity to some (and only some) VMs.

Other VMs, placed on the same host connected to the very same port on the very same VLAN, were accessibles.

Rebooting the VMs didn't help.


So I rebooted back to the previous firmware version : as soon as the stack was up, connectivity was restored !


I experienced the same issue when upgrading FGS648 from 5.0 to 7.0, but on 10G CX4 ports.


Do you have any clues about what went wrong ?

I'm still pulling my hair out of this.




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