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Losing link from 10GBE to GigE

We have a Brocade TurboIron 24 port 10GBE switch connected to a Dell GigE switch using one of the 4 GigE ports on the Brocade. There is NFS traffic across the link, but not much else. Every few weeks the link refuses to carry any traffic. Details:

0) There is no error messave on the Brocade console.

1) There lights on both switches say the link is up.

2) Power-cycling the Dell has no effect.

3) There are devices on the other 3 GigE ports of the Brocade. They are unaffected.

4) Replacing the Dell with Netgear has no effect.

5) The Brocade console says the link is up, but if the link is disabled it can't be enabled.

6) Traffic within each switch is normal - only the link between them is affected.

7) A warm boot of the Brocade restores service every time.

What can we do? I don't think it is a problem with the patch cable (0% packet loss)

or a loop (checked for that), or authentication (switch is almost entirely in factory default state except for minimal IP address configuration.).

Daniel F

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