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Looking for tested version PIM spares on MLX.

Hello All,

I am looking for someone that is running PIM spares on an MLX. We are currently on  Version 5.6.0bT177. There seems to be a bug in the system where video channels are fine for weeks at a time. Then we will start to have an issue on one module at a time where the video does not get passed on to the next switch. The PIM mcache is populated on the MLX correctly but the switches requesting it seem to have lost the source of the multicast. If we down the module and bring it backup the issue clears. Then days later the issue starts to appears on a different module. It doesn't seem to matter if its a 10 gig or a 1 gig or in a metro ring or stand alone. I have logged over 10 hours with tech support trying to run the issue down but it seems to elude them. We have ruled out switch fabric and modules and are unable to find the issue.


So instead of doing nothing I need to update version to see if it helps. 

If anyone has a version of 5.6 that they feel is stable with PIM spares and metro rings could you reply with what you are running.




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