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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Loading router vs. switch code


Here is my question. So I am integrating a Brocade solution with about 12 ICX switches this week. They are going to be deployed as layer 2 switches primarily. When asking the customer if I should put the switch code or router code on the boxes, I'd like to be able to explain the differences between the two. Now, I understand the differences from a features and functionality perspective, but here is my big question - is there any reason not to just load the router code every time, and just configure the ports switch ports? That would give future capability for layer 3 features and functionality, like ip addressing on each interface, if we ever needed it in the future. What would be the drawbacks to doing this? An answer with multiple functionality examples would be much appreciated.



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Re: Loading router vs. switch code

There are some advantages and disadvantages either way.

If you go with just the router code (without the license, it can still function), there might be more administrative work required to set up the ports to be switch ports. Also, STP will be turned off by default with router code.

One advantage will be that you won’t have to set up VEs to route between VLANs.

There is no real harm in going with the L3 code and applying a license/changing the config to be more routing-friendly.

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