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Load balancing between two providers

We have a MLX8e in use as our core router. We have 2 different upstream providers that we get our internet from. One is a 90 Mbps feed and the other is a 100 Mbps feed. We have our own AS and are ustilizing BGP in the router. We are wanting to know if there is a suitable way to load balance between the 2 providers. During our peak usage hours the 100 Mbps feed will be at 100% utilization while the other is around 65%. What may be the simplest solution to this problem?

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Re: Load balancing between two providers

mutipath ebgp would accomplish this.  By default it would only select a single path.


Some of the items to take into consideration would be that different providers can have higher latency to the same location so you could cause jitter to go up (Voip related) which can effect call quality. 


However if that's not an issue then enabling it would allow load-balanacing across providers.

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