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Link aggregation within a port-based VLAN


I have an FWS648G layer-2 switch and I've configured a handful of port-based VLANs on it.  I'd like to know if it's possible to configure link aggregation with a port-based VLAN.  So consider this example:

In addition to the default VLAN 1, VLAN 10 is configured on ports 0/1/10 - 0/1/20.  Is it possible to configure ports 0/1/10 and 0/1/11 to support LACP?  What commands would need to be issued to accomplish this?



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Re: Link aggregation within a port-based VLAN


     Yes you can. Example below.

FastIron(config)#trunk ethernet 1/1 to 1/2

Trunk will be created in next trunk deploy

FastIron(config)#write memory

FastIron(config)#trunk deploy


1. Disconnect the cables from those ports on both systems that will be connected by the trunk group. Do not configure the trunk groups with the cables connected.


If you connect the cables before configuring the trunk groups and then rebooting, the traffic on the ports can create a spanning tree loop.

2. Configure the trunk group on one of the two Layer 2 Switches or Layer 3 Switches involved in

the configuration.


Downtime is incurred when adding a new port to a trunk group. It is suggested that you schedule the addition of ports to a trunk group to minimize downtime and its impact to the production network.

3. Save the configuration changes to the startup-config file.

4. Dynamically place the new trunk configuration into effect by entering the trunk deploy command at the global CONFIG level of the CLI.

5. If the device at the other end of the trunk group is another Layer 2 Switch or Layer 3 Switch, repeat Steps 2 – 4 for the other device.

6. When the trunk groups on both devices are operational, reconnect the cables to those ports that are now configured as trunk groups, starting with the first port (lead port) of each trunk group.

7. To verify the link is operational, use the show trunk command.

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