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Layer 3 features on ICX6450 missing?

The product datasheet, the configuration guide, and the FAQ for the ICX 6450 all show that it is capable of Base layer 3 IPv4 routing between directly connected subnets/vlans.  You only need the premium license to support advanced IPv4 routing features such as OSPF

Following the FastIron_07400 configuration guide, the commands to create the VE fail as an unknown command.  I can't create loopback or virtualrouter interfaces at all, and its acting like it's a layer2 only switch.  I'm also confused that that doing `show license` returns BASE_SOFT_PACKAGE, while the configuration guide says it should be ICX_BASE_ROUTER_SOFT_PACKAGE which does not require a license.  This unit is running firmware file ICX64507400.bin.

Am I missing something obvious here?

Also, I've tried sending this question to but keep getting a reply that "there was an error processing your email" and that I should phone tech support.  When I phoned, I was told that I didn't have a service contract and that I needed to use email support.  The mysupport on the webpage won't let me create a case either.  Can't say I'm impressed with Brocades tech support so far.


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Registered: ‎06-21-2012

Re: Layer 3 features on ICX6450 missing?

It took some hoops to get my account sorted out enough to submit a case via the web ticket, but the problem is solved.

Apparently, the ICX 6450 are shipping with the layer2 switching-only firmware.  If you want the switch to actually work as advertised, you need to contact tech support and have them send you the correct firmware file which is ICX64R07400.

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