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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Latest Firmware

We currently have a BigIron 8000 and 4000 Router.

HW: BigIron 8000 Router, SYSIF version 21

We are currently running :

  SW: Version 07.8.03eT53 Copyright (c) 1996-2006 Foundry Networks, Inc.
      Compiled on Nov 21 2007 at 14:53:40 labeled as B2P07803e
      (3733626 bytes) from Primary B2P07803e.bin
I am trying to find out what is the latest Router firmware available we can upgrade too, and where would I find it. The lack of information on firmware versions is very frustrating. I'm hoping someone can help.
Kind Regards,
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Re: Latest Firmware

Hi Jeds,

     The firmware can be downloaded from the URL by logging into the Knowledge Portal .

     However you will only have a valid log in if you are the customer who registered the product.  Also it will list only the latest firmware that support was paid up to.

     If you find you do not have a login or you have not purchased support in a long time, then you should ask your Brocade rep to get you a price on a one off upgrade (at least this used to be the case under Foundry, not sure for Brocade).

    Givin that the code you are running was done in Nov 07, I would dought there would be many if any relases for BigIron 8000/4000 as this product is circa 2002.

Hope that helps you somewhat.


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