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LDP ECMP for non transit LSR (not MPLS-TE)


I have two MLXe-4 routers (running 540b) connected via two 10G routed B2B links (using ISIS as my IGP).

I have IP ECMP working, I would like to achieve ECMP between this two routers in order to load-balance my MPLS trafic.

This networks being fairly simple, I would like to keep things that way and avoid using MPLS-TE for now.

Config guide says LDP ECMP can be achieved for transit LSR but I don't qualify for this (only got PEs), though if have actived LDP ECMP :

SSH@er01-par01#sh mpls ldp

Label Distribution Protocol version 1

  LSR ID: XXX.YYY.ZZZ.3, using Loopback 1 (deleting it will stop LDP)

  Hello interval: Link 5 sec, Targeted 15 sec

  Hold time value sent in Hellos: Link 15 sec, Targeted 45 sec

   Keepalive interval: 6 sec, Hold time multiple: 6 intervals

  Keepalive timeout: 36 sec

  Load sharing: 4

  Tunnel metric: 0

  FEC used for auto discovered peers: current 129, configured 129

  End of LIB: Disabled, Notification time: 60000 ms, tx label silence time: 1000 ms

   Rx label silence time: 1000 ms

  Graceful restart: enabled

    Reconnect time: 120 seconds, Max peer reconnect time: 120 seconds

    Recovery time: 120 seconds, Max peer recovery time: 120 seconds

    Forwarding state holding timer: not running

Is there anyway to do that simply ?

Best regards.

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