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LAG across 2 switches in a ICX 6430 stack

Hello and thank you for your time. I know that in a stack of FCXs, it is possible to have multiple LAG ports in two different switches in the stack. However, I am just wanting to make sure the same can be done using 6430s. I am wanting to have one port on the top switch in the LAG and another port in the bottom switch as well. I looked in the documentation and could not find anything that said it is not possible, but just wanted to get real experiences and perspectives.

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Re: LAG across 2 switches in a ICX 6430 stack

I found my answer in an older FastIron Config Guide for version 07400a:

Configuration notes for FastIron devices in an IronStack

In a Brocade IronStack system, a trunk group may have port members distributed across multiple

stack units. Both static and dynamic trunking are supported.


Cascaded trunks between stack units are supported on Brocade ICX devices only.

To configure trunk groups for FastIron devices in an IronStack, use the CLI syntax in “CLI syntax for

configuring consecutive ports in a trunk group” on page 707.

The following notes apply to FastIron stackable devices that are part of an IronStack:

• If a stack unit fails or is removed from the stack, its static trunk configuration becomes a

reserved configuration on the Active Controller. Any remaining ports of the static trunk in the

IronStack continue to function.

• When a new stack unit is added to an IronStack, the new unit receives running configuration

and trunk-related information, including a list of ports that are up and are members of a trunk,

from the Active Controller.

• Before merging two IronStack devices, make sure that there are no static trunks configured

between them. This can result in self-looped ports.

• When an IronStack device with static trunks partitions into multiple IronStacks, loops and

forwarding errors may occur. In these cases, user intervention is required to remove the loops.

• 10 Gbps links support up to eight ports in a trunk for stackable units.

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