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[LAG] Missing sflow sample

Dear community,

I have set up a LAG on a CER Router, using two 10G links.

Then, I set up sflow sample forwarding on this lag.

At the end, I receive complete sample for the first 10G link (input and output data), but I do not receive anything about link #2, output (input seems correct).

To be clearer:

- Port 1

   - Input: sample found

   - Output: sample found

- Port 2

   - Input: sample found

   - Output: sample are missing

Below are some informations that may be useful:

# show version

IronWare : Version 5.4.0cT183 Copyright (c) 1996-2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

# show running-config lag

lag "collecte" dynamic id 3

ports ethernet 2/1 to 2/2

primary-port 2/1


port-name "Core: core3-sgp {XGi0/1/3} " ethernet 2/1

port-name "Core: core3-sgp {XGi0/1/4} " ethernet 2/2

# show running-config interface ethernet 2/1


sflow forwarding

# show running-config interface ethernet 2/2

(nothing here, configuration are setup on primary port)

# show running-config | include sflow

sflow enable

sflow agent ve 50

sflow destination

Did I missed something ?

Is there some tricks to give me sample for both input and output flows ?


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