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LACP stack-to-stack trunk on FCX works...exactly once!

We have several wiring closets w/FCX stacks connected via fiber to our main core stack of six FCXs.  All run Router code 7.2.02d.

After trial & error, one closet's trunk is working:  a three-unit stack with 1/1/1 and 2/1/1 (link-aggregate active) to core stack 1/1/9 and 2/1/9 (no link-agg configured).  The trunk is stable and fault-tolerant.







In another two-unit closet stack, we recently replaced an FCX648S w/hardware problem.  The replacement unit was an FCX648S-ADV (BGP license).  Don't know if this might matter.

From this stack I tried, for the first time, establishing aggregated links using the same config as above (except to different ports on the core stack!),

No matter what I've tried, including reloading the closet stack, and configuring keys, the LACP stays inactive and no traffic flows.  I haven't tried reloading the core stack yet, but I'd like to limit downtime.  I also don't want to hard-code the trunks at both ends unless LACP is hopeless.

Any tips for troubleshooting dynamic link aggregation between FCX stacks would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: LACP stack-to-stack on FCX works...exactly once!

Sorry I do not unbderstand, but is a IDF and MDF - do you have a picture of the setup?



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Re: LACP stack-to-stack on FCX works...exactly once!


Sorry for any confusion.  I used old terms that originate in the telco world.

MDF = Main Distribution Frame or main wiring closet to which the other "satellite" closets are "home run" directly wired.  Connections outside the building are made here.

IDF = Intermediate Distribution Frame or local wiring closet where the user wiring for part of a building is terminated.


I've revised my question to add info and hopefully make it clearer.

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