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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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LACP between 2 FWS switches

In a iSCSI SAN enviroment, how could I benefit from using LACP between 2 FWS switches? Does this act a a form of "stacking"? If not LACP, is there anyway to tie together 2 FWS switches so if one fails the other one will pick up its slack?


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Re: LACP between 2 FWS switches

I'am not an iSCSI expert and take it as normal IP data on layer2/3. Interconnecting the 2 FWS with an LACP LAG should not be a problem and is a kind of 'stacking' as you can share all VLANs among both switches. But redundancy will depend on how you can connect your SAN and end nodes to the switches. If you want to recover from an outage of an entire switch, all systems have to be connected to both switches in my opinion. As far as I know the FWS do not support vLAG/MCT so your SAN and end nodes must use active/passive teaming or bonding to accomplish this.


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