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Issues deplyoying Firmware

Currently using BNA 12.4


The issue I a experiencing is a failure to upgrade with to the 7202p code for the FGS-624POE platform.


I upgraded remotely through BNA using the Firmware Management ->Update and Deploy feature.  Saved the new image to flash and reloaded and the switch is unaccessable now.  I'm assuming its in botrom, was able to upggrade the same switch via BNA to 7202N which was the previous code, although I did do it through the configuration wizard after setting it up in firmware management.  Has anyone been experiencing issues deploying code from firmware management?  Previously, I set up everything thing there and deployed from configuration wizard for the 7202n code...maybe that is my issue.  However, I doubt that since they both deploy the image the same way, unless I"m missing something.  Any help will be great thanks.


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