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Issue to loading MIB File of ICX6450 in HP NNMi.

When i am loading MIB file(ICX64R08030c.mib) of ICX6450 switches  in HP NNMi (nms) its given following error in MIB File.


42292:Column 14:HC-PerfHist-TC-MIB<br>   ERROR : Cannot find module

49754:Column 38:DOT3-OAM-MIB


KIndly help us to resolve above mentioned  dependencise.


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Re: Issue to loading MIB File of ICX6450 in HP NNMi.



Many errors related to MIB loading are because another required module has not been loaded on the system.


Seems to be referring to HC-PerfHist-TC-MIB & DOT3-OAM-MIB


HP knowledge KM1178655 provides lots of information on HP mib loader errors, although I do not have sufficient permission to view the document on HP site.


Hope this helps



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