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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Is 802.1q-in-q the right solution for my setup?

I have a customer that has 5 ports on a private vlan on our MLXe version 5.5.0c, which is working just fine.


The customer now wants the ability to utilize vlans within their environment.


I want to make sure that they can pick whatever vlan numbers they like and not interfere with our setup or other customers on the MLXe.  Is going with a 802.1q-in-q type configuration the proper way to do this?  My initial tests say ok, but I would like some experienced confirmation. 


What I'm planning on using for a config is:


vlan 45

 untagged ethernet 4/11 ethernet 4/12


tag-type 9100 ethernet 4/11 to 4/12


Am I on the right path?  Am I missing something?


Thanks for any guidance.



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