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Introducing Brocade Network Subscription

At VMWorld 2011 today, Brocade unveiled Brocade Network Subscription. Brocade Network Subscription is a new  acquisition model that allows for exciting increases in flexibility, as  well as resource allocation and management. Put simply, it allows  businesses, such as managed service providers and cloud hosting  providers, to control their network infrastructure on a month-to-month  basis without requiring any upfront capital investment.

The features of the Brocade Network Subscription model mean that  service providers can match their network capacity and offerings to  their revenues with significantly more ease than is possible through  other acquisition models. It is perfect for service providers looking to  build out their cloud services infrastructure. Brocade's fully  supported, "pay-as-you-go" model gives an unprecedented amount of  control to service providers when it comes to their network capacity.  They can increase or decrease capacity and refresh parts of their  network at their discretion in a manner that provides the best possible  benefit to them at that very moment. There is no longer a need to go  over-capacity and hope that future revenues will make up for the costs.

Brocade Network Subscription takes the "cloud service delivery  model" and applies that to businesses' financial side. The cloud is  starting to move beyond the hype, and its effects are far-reaching.  Check out the Brocade Network Subscription page for more information!

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