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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Interesting MRP issue


An interesting one.

We run a MRP protected ring network and are running MRP V1.

Occasionaly after an MRP re-convergence one of the QinQ links goes unidirectional. The Cisco switch at one end of the link does not see the other in its MAC table. To resolve the issue we bounce the QinQ interface.

We have many other links configured like this one and have not seen the issue anywhere else.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks


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Re: Interesting MRP issue

Hi Paul,

     What product are you using and what is the version of that product?  I would suggest looking at the release notes to see if there is a know bug, as this looks to be more likly a bug.



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Re: Interesting MRP issue


Apologies for the extremely late reply on this, I thought I had replied.

The brocade switches are a mix of SX and FES series switches all running SW: Version 04.0.01T3e1 we have found this to be extremely stable.

We have approximatley 200 other vlans running accross the network without incident and at least 7 QinQ vlans on the same switch.

The Cisco switches at each end of the link are 6509 and a 3508. Not sure on SW version.

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Re: Interesting MRP issue

Paul I was interested on how you have the interface on the 6509 setup.  We are running into a problem setting up MRP with a Cisco 6509 chassis in the middle and having the control vlan work thru the cisco.  Would you be able to send me the output of that interface.  We are using MLX's instead of the SX and FES series but I'm sure the configuration is similiar.

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