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Interconnect Hp Procurve and BigIron RX-16

I am looking for input on proper spanning tree and vlan configuration I need to connect a BigIron RX-16 to several HP Procurve 'zl' switches. With the RX-16 as the core, which stp should be used and what are the requirements for the vlan id's etc... What stp compatibility issues should I encounter? Thanks in advance for any input. 

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Re: Interconnect Hp Procurve and BigIron RX-16

Depending on how many VLANs you need and how many instances of STP you wish to run.

Your options are RSTP or MSTP.

MSTP simple example

BigIron RX(config)# mstp name OurMSTP

BigIron RX(config)# mstp revision 4 (this must be the same accross all switches)

BigIron RX(config)# mstp instance 7 vlan 4 to 7

BigIron RX(config)# mstp force-version 3 forward-delay 4 hello-time 1 max-age 12 max-hops 9 (choose the timers values that BOTH switches can handle)

BigIron RX(config)# mstp admin-edge-port ethernet 3/1 (do this for all edge ports)

BigIron RX(config)# mstp admin-pt2pt-mac ethernet 2/5 ethernet 4/5 (do this for all tagged ports)

BigIron RX(config)#mstp start

Hope that helps you out some.

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