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Import Configuration files from ICX-6450 to ICX-7250

Hi All,


I have a Brocade ICX-6450 switch and i want to import all the configuration files from these switch to ICX-7250.


Is it possible through TFTP or need to configure manually?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Import Configuration files from ICX-6450 to ICX-7250

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The answer depends on your 6450 code and configuration. If your 6450 is on FastIron 8.x code, the vast majority of the CLI will be 1-to-1 when compared to the 7250. You can attempt to tftp the configuration, but the switch will throw out any lines that do not make sense. You could also copy and paste the configuration. Again, anything invalid would be dropped. Keep in mind any Crypto (SSH) functions would need to be redone and certain commands have an order of operations. I would advise simply using the prior configuration as a template and manually validating/building the configuration. If you would like help with this, please feel free to open a TAC case and we can walk you through it.


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Re: Import Configuration files from ICX-6450 to ICX-7250

Yes, do what bbeck said.


If they are 7.x vs 8.x, I would recommend upgrading the code on the older 6450 to get a nearly 1 to 1 config.


Again, when you do the migration, it is probably best to look at both switches and compare them with something that shows the differences between two panes.  I personally use Meld Merge, but there are tons of products that do the same thing.


Either way, you wnat to look line by line through the config files and verify you essentially got the same config.

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