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IPv6 vrf problems

Dear all,

I've a problem on a MLX4 (ver 5.2.0).

I'm trying to do some IPv6 test and therfore I wanted to setup an own VRF for the test. As long as I don't assign the VRF to the ve89 I can reach the assigned global unicast address. When I apply the VRF to the interface it's no more reachable.

Below is the config for the test.

vlan 889
tagged ethe 2/24
router-interface ve 89

vrf ipv6test
rd 65179:1
route-target export 65179:1
route-target import 65179:1
address-family ipv6

interface ve 89
ipv6 address 2a02:b8:ab00:889::def1/64

I addition to this I want to setup BGP, is there a way to have multiple IPv6 BGP instances (VRFs) like in IPv4 (address-family ipv4 unicast vrf vrf1, address-family ipv4 unicast vrf vrf2). The only thing I've found is to put it under address-family ipv6 unicast but this is not dedicated to a specific VRF.

Thanks for any help.


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